New Friends

Mattie has been making new friends in Fort Worth.  Here, she’s lounging all over my mother, who says, for some reason, that she’s huge.

While Waiting…

While Mattie waits for the pet shipper in Montevideo, I wait for Andreas to give me pictures of Mattie in Texas…

Back to Posting

Mattie has made it to Texas, and she says it’s too hot.  This is her during her last week in Montevideo, still looking happy.

Bye Bye

Mattie took the Buquebus to Buenos Aires last night.  She will be in Texas next week, and will probably be hating the heat.  After that, it’s a few weeks in Our Nation’s Capitol, then off to new adventures in Europe.

Long Shadow

It was late afternoon at the beach!

Caught Napping

Happy to Be Here

Mattie’s happy to be strolling about.


Getting ready for the trip…

Gathering Info

Evidently light posts are high information density.

Beach Patrol

Atlantida’s beach is much whiter than Montevideo’s beaches…