Archive for October, 2010

Playing Dead

Mattie plays dead at the birthday party in a bid to get her Halti off.


I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, Mom!  And in front of all the other dogs, too!


All decked out for the chihuahua birthday party.

Would I Beg?

Oh, never!  Sharrs don’t beg.  They demand.

Nose in the Door

Can I come in?

Beachies Again

Strolling on the beachies…

Sea and Sun

Mattie enjoys the shore as she sniffs the grass.

Walking Through the Park One Day

Just enjoying Parque Rodo.

Oh, Pretty!

Mattie stops and smells the flowers.

Up for a Game?

Mattie is investigating the chess tables at Parque Rodo.  It’d be interesting to see how she’d play.