Bye Bye

Mattie took the Buquebus to Buenos Aires last night.  She will be in Texas next week, and will probably be hating the heat.  After that, it’s a few weeks in Our Nation’s Capitol, then off to new adventures in Europe.


Getting ready for the trip…

In Cars!

Mattie gets a ride to the beachies in an SUV with her favorite people!  Obviously, she hates it.

Curiosity Tumped the Sharr

Actually, Mattie didn’t go off the pier.  I guess it’s only cats that do that.

Up for a Game?

Mattie is investigating the chess tables at Parque Rodo.  It’d be interesting to see how she’d play.

On the Coast

Back by the lighthouse enjoying the breeze and sniffing something she shouldn’t.


Mattie strolling near the pond.

Enjoying the Day

Mattie enjoys a pleasant day on the lighthouse point.

Looking at the Library

The building is the Children’s Library in Parque Rodo.  The gray day doesn’t do it justice; it’s pretty in a rundown way.  The government also runs puppet shows and such for the kids.  Mattie walked past it and we managed to get her not to attack the homeless living in its lee.


Mattie at the lighthouse point.  She loves her beachies.