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Relax with the Sharr…


Just a little demonstration of how much bigger than her playmates Mattie is.

On a Stroll

In the dark and on the Rambla.  We’re safe with Mattie.

Napping Together

Both Tux and Mattie have made the love seat one of their favorite snooze places.

In Your Face

The puppies all get up close and personal.

Yes, the grass hasn’t turned all brown and yucky, even though it’s midwinter.  We haven’t had more than a couple of freezes overnight.  Mattie likes smelling the grass, whatever color it is.

Furball Fun

Mattie and the crew.

Through the Bollards

Does a Sharr go where you want her to?  Of course not.

Two for a Nap

Mattie and Tux on the same loveseat settling in for a nap.


Mattie’s showing off her latest fashion statements – bandanas.    Betsy made several for her and Mattie just loves them.  She picks the ones she wants to wear and gets upset when we decide they need washing.  When I walk her now, people comment not only on her, but on her bandana.