Mattie On The Road

Not traveling, but just on the road by our house.  At least she doesn’t get swallowed by the yawning pits of despair.

On A Walk

Exploring the neighborhood and making sure the cats are afraid.

By the Wall

There are always neat smells in the cracks, evidently.

New Friends

Two other dogs from the block start their attempts at friendship!

Not My House

So I’m not pushing the door open, even if it does have a daisy on it.

Splorin the Leaves

Checking out the leaves in the neighborhood  Lots on the streets, and plenty of places to sniff.


Mattie explores the neighborhood, sniffing at everything.

Back to Posting

Mattie has made it to Texas, and she says it’s too hot.  This is her during her last week in Montevideo, still looking happy.

Long Shadow

It was late afternoon at the beach!

Happy to Be Here

Mattie’s happy to be strolling about.