Blending In

Blending in with the landscape, ready to surprise.


Mattie contemplates dinner.

Sniffing Up

Sometimes I wonder exactly what information she gets from all this smelling.


For some reason, we just don’t let Mattie jump into the water at Parque Rodo.  She hates that!


There’s always something to investigate at Parque Rodo.


Or ducks.  Mattie’s not impressed.

Happy Puppy

After a wet romp in the water…

Almost as Tall

Another puppy almost as tall as Mattie making friends with her.  Not nearly as wide, though.


But it’s the doggie dance, not the safety dance.  What is it about dogs that they do this constantly?

Stalking the Shade

For some reason, Mattie much prefers the shade on a summer day.