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Call Me Queen Mattie

Bow down before my magnificence as I wear my robe and pose regally on my bed.

Just Resting My Head

Mattie’s under the desk again and resting her head on a plastic container.  She does this very frequently.  Anyway, it’s a good shot of Mattie’s face.

Problem Solving with Peanut Butter

Or how to hold the jar to get the gooey goodness inside…

Tucked In

Tucked in for bed, but she didn’t stay this way for long.


She’s loving her outing.

Mattie the Brave

Not only does she walk across the dangerous slatted causeway, she stops and looks down these days.

Mattie Gets Some Bling

Andreas beaded a collar for Mattie.  She watched him the whole time he was doing it,  obnoxiously nudging him to put it on her.  A Sharr’s gotta have her bling!

Snuggled on her Bed

Mattie’s just looking cute all snuggled up on her bed.

Walking on Water

The rocks are so wet they look like water, but Mattie doesn’t care – she forges ahead anyway with a puppy smile on her face.

Just Being Silly

Love me, love my face.