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Look Both Ways

When sitting on the beach.  Mattie in sheepdog mode on the beach, watching everyone around.

Peanut Butter Success

We cut the top half of the peanut butter jar off and Mattie enjoyed the rest of the creamy goodness.

There’s Still Some Left

Mattie has problems with the great big peanut butter jars.  She can’t get to the bottom to get the rest of the peanut butter out.  Here are several pictures of her trying to get it.  She finally gave up and asked for help.


Just chilling on the sofa.

Wearing a Hat

Yep, she put her  nose in a hat while lying down under the desk.  Kept it there quite a while, too.  It fits better this way.

I am NOT Going Home!

Mattied just did not want to leave the beach.  It was a major struggle to get her off her side…

Keeping in Practice

Mattie still keeps in trash-tumping shape, as shown in this picture.


Stretching out on the sand, enjoying the feel.  Remarkably, we did not bring the whole beach home with us in her fur.

I’m Small

Mattie tries to be small sometimes,, most often when she gets under my desk.  She really put herself into a tiny ball (for her) in this picture.

Flopping on the Beach

Soaking up the sunshine and drying while getting super sandy.