Archive for March, 2010

I See Birds

Mattie’s looking at the birds that perch on the rocks nearby.

Looking out to Sea

I think Mattie would be a sailor if she could.  Here, she’s looking out at the water and longing.

On Patrol

Mattie’s on patrol in the back yard, making sure everything from birds to burglars don’t get in.

Gone Fishing

Mattie is back at the beachie fishing away.  She loves going into the water and scooping stuff up.

Welcome to my Doghouse

Mattie sits in front of the quincha, welcoming or daring anyone to enter…

Lounging in the Doghouse

Mattie out in the quincha, or dog house, on a lazy afternoon.  The only amenities lacking are air conditioning and heating, though it does have a fireplace.  Spoiled puppy.

Join Me?

Mattie is looking for company on the sofa.  What’s better than being comfy and getting belly rubs?

Climbing Up

Mattie goes up the stairs a bit more slowly than she goes down.  Here, her Sharr tail is in full plume as she climbs the stairs for the night.  She usually stops midway to make sure someone’s following her.

Going Down

Mattie goes down the stairs often, and it usually looks like a freight train doing a barely controlled fall.

It’s My Sofa

Mattie lets us use the sofa every once in a while, but even when we do, she just gives us a bit of the space to sit on.  Here, she just stretches out and enjoys the comfort.