Archive for August, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

Lots of them in Uruguay, but Mattie found one near the Rambla.

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Mattie keeps Zeus out of trouble during dinner.


Somehow, Mattie seems more underfoot than Casio…

Sitting in the Twilight

Taking a rest from a walk on the Rambla.

Mmmm Streusel

Mattie gets to lick the bowl after it had coffee cake streusel made in it…


Mattie guards the park.

A Tangle of Dogs

Mattie and Casio out on a walk with another coming to visit.

Big Yawn

And she didn’t even cover her mouth.

Aren’t I Cute?

Mattie showing off a bandana.

Giant and Tiny

Mattie and Scotie again, with Scotie being brave enough to get close to Mattie’s face.