Archive for May, 2010


Mattie digging in what has become her sandbox – since she digs up all the flowers that get planted there….


Just a picture of a happy Mattie.

Lazy Afternoon

Mattie’s just spending some time in her dog house.

Yard Guard

No one’s getting in without her permission…


Mattie bonding with Tux.

A Smile

Mattie’s just hanging out in the back yard.

Smug Mattie

She’s asking … Don’t you wish you had a dog house as nice as mine?


Mattie and Tux share the sofa…voluntarily.

Misty Day

Mattie just lazing in the back yard on a misty day.

In Front of the Fire

Mattie’s looking up at Tux on the loveseat in front of the fire upstairs.  She managed to fit on only half the length.