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I Like Icy Cream

On our way back from the Rambla one day, we stopped for an ice cream at the little shop down the stairs.  Mattie loved hers, as you can see, and it took longer than usual because it was frozen solid.  She has a look of such joy on her face.

Outsitting in the Field

Mattie sitting in the field on the water side of the Rambla.  I think she’d sit there all day if we let her.

Tasting the Wind

Okay, so I kept trying to add a second photo today, but WordPress is NOT cooperating.  Instead, you just get a picture of Mattie chilling at the park and tasting the breeze.

Sitting Pretty

Mattie sitting out in the park on the other side of the Rambla.  She loves watching everything going on around her.

Posing Again

Mattie has become a camera hound.  When she sees the  camera out, she starts posing.  Here, she’s got the wind off the river in her fur.

Doing the Doggie Dance

Mattie made a new friend, and as usual… they have to do the doggie dance to cement the friendship.

Sitting Pretty

How better to celebrate getting soaked on the seawall than lying down in the sand?


Yippee, waves!  I got wet!

And so did yous!

I Wanna Go In!

Mattie was begging to go into the water, but I didn’t want to get wet and felt I was already on slippery enough ground, so I didn’t let her.  She whined a bit.

On the Rocks

Despite the danger and slickness, Mattie clambered out onto the rocks.  She was very disappointed when I wouldn’t join her.