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Mattie at the lighthouse point.  She loves her beachies.

Lake View

Mattie by the pond in Parque Rodo again.

Come Pet Me

Mattie’s asking over the back of the sofa for some pets.

Out to Sea

Out on the point by the lighthouse, Mattie investigates the scents.  She loves being so close to the water and, thankfully, has yet to roll in any dead fish.

Looking It Over

Looking out over the lake in Parque Rodo as she walks around it.


Mattie exhibits her tolerance of smaller dogs really well in this picture.  Casio’s usual method of getting Mattie to play with him is to bat her snout with his paws.  She lets him.

Out in the Park

Just stopped momentarily on her walk.

On the Edge Again

Mattie always wants to get as close to water as possible… here, she’s at the escarpment near the lighthouse at Punta Carretas.


Strolling around Parque Rodo on a cloudy day.

Peeking Through

Mattie peeks through into the office…