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Yay! A Ride!

Mattie’s happy because she gets a car ride!  We rented a car a couple of weeks ago and she got to go around town.

Belly Rubs?

Someone wants some petting.  And to look silly.


Mattie prefers being a rug under the table to playing with Casio during dinner.  Besides, she’s guarding the fetch ball.

Home? What’s That?

Mattie doesn’t want to leave.

Parque Rodo

Last week we rented a car and Mattie got to explore a new park.  Here, she sniffs grass while the paddle boats go by.

Can I Pleeeeeeze?

Mattie really wants to go wading and get all wet and muddy.


Mattie peeks over the sofa to see what’s going on in the dining room.

Some Light Reading

Or at least drooling over some magazines…


Mattie looks back toward the door.  Walkies?


Got to get the last crumb!