Archive for May, 2010

Looking Around

Checking things out.

Sitting on the Patio

Just resting out by the parilla on a sunny afternoon.

I See You

Mattie may be all flopped out on the couch, but she’s still watching over things.

Lazy Afternoon

Mattie rests in her doghouse.  Such a hard life.

Glowy Eyes

Evil-eyed Mattie!  Actually, this one got flash because it was at sunset… her eyes still don’t glow.

Me and my Dirt Patch

Mattie stands proudly next to her dirt patch – what used to be a semicircular flower bed.  She’s dug it up several times now and there’s only one scrawny begonia plant left.  On the other hand, she doesn’t dig anywhere else.

More Scratchies

Mattie just loving being scratched again.  She stretches her back out and her neck and gets such a blissful expression.

Protect the Flip

Mattie’s taken care to protect her flips from the cats lately.  Here, she’s got one between her front feet, ready to growl at the cats if they come too close.  The cats have no interest in it, though.

I Like Scratchies

Mattie’s really liked getting her rump scratched for the past couple of weeks.  It’s more than usual because she’s getting in her winter coat.  Dust bunnies galore around here.

Lounging Out Back

Mattie’s just enjoying the sunshine and the comfort of the sofa in her doghouse on a lazy afternoon.