Need Moar Snow

Mattie complains that the snow’s rather thin.

At Last

Mattie now has a Temperpedic of her own.

Nothing Like Comfort

A Tempurpedic bed to herself.  Mattie is in heaven.

Snow Is Good

With the extreme curly tail, Mattie’s happy the weather’s colder than cold.

Not Enough

This is a start, but it’s not enough for a real Sharr….


Resting in one of her favorite areas of the house.  From this spot, she can see upstairs, downstairs and outdoors.

By the Wall

There are always neat smells in the cracks, evidently.

New Friends

Two other dogs from the block start their attempts at friendship!

Not Spoiled At All

Yes, it’s a TempurPedic pillow, too.  Your problem with this?

Not My House

So I’m not pushing the door open, even if it does have a daisy on it.