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Mattie’s doing her own version of cleaning up.

On the Coast

Back by the lighthouse enjoying the breeze and sniffing something she shouldn’t.


Mattie strolling near the pond.


Lying down lazing around after a long day.

Looking for Fishies

Mattie wants to dive in and scoop up all the little minnows.

In the Dark

Fewer twilight days coming around these days, with daylight savings time in effect.  Here’s Mattie strolling around in the dark.

Enjoying the Day

Mattie enjoys a pleasant day on the lighthouse point.

Looking at the Library

The building is the Children’s Library in Parque Rodo.  The gray day doesn’t do it justice; it’s pretty in a rundown way.  The government also runs puppet shows and such for the kids.  Mattie walked past it and we managed to get her not to attack the homeless living in its lee.

I Can Get It

Yes, she can reach the bottom of the jar if she tries hard enough.