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Napping Again

Mattie likes pillows.

On the Causeway

Investigating a crab, I think.



Yes, It’s Winter

And the grass is green.  Mattie would prefer snow.


Mattie’s investigating something with Zeus.

Getting Some Exercise

Mattie strolls in the park.

Packet Sniffer

What better bandana for Mattie, who sniffs every package that comes into the house?


Mattie guards the door.  No one can get in (or out).


Scotie came over a few weeks ago.  She was afraid of Mattie at first, but Mattie was patient and it paid off.  Here, Scotie’s sneaking up on Mattie.  The size difference is obvious.  Unfortunately, Scotie and Mattie will have to take their friendship out of the house.  The chihuahua’s allergic to cats.

Got My Pillow

Settling in for a nap on the couch.