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Sometimes I wonder why they didn’t name these dogs Sharr water dogs instead….

Pet Me! Pet Me!

All three dogs glom onto Cheryl wanting pets.  At least they queue nicely.


Mattie scopes out the scents on the Rambla at night… no sunglasses required.

Moar Cuddly

Mattie being cuddly on the love seat.

About a week ago, we had an absolutely gorgeous day and took Mattie to the beach.  She loved it.

Hanging Out

Just lying down on the sofa looking for cuddles.

Big and Small

Mattie, Casio and, in the back, Zeus.  All three on the sniff trail of something.

Strolling Along

Not only is it a decent shot of Mattie, this picture shows the buildings along the Rambla.

Ready for Bed

Mattie all settled down to go to sleep.  Maybe.

Pet Me

Mattie getting assertive about being pet.