Archive for June, 2010

Night on the Rambla

Evidently things smell different at night.

Being Weird

Just a shot of Mattie in a weird pose.

On the Furniture

Mattie just looks cute and like she’s trying to be small on the loveseat.

Stolen Banana Bread

Mattie decided to lift the rest of the banana bread and its container the other day.  She did enjoy it.

Night Patrol

Mattie out at night strolling along and making sure everything’s in order in her territory.


Happy Sharr lying between the loveseat and the fireplace after destroying the contents of the trash can.

Evening Walk

Here’s Mattie investigating a tree on the next block during an evening walk.  Okay, so not so evening.  It was only six or so.


Dirty, dirty Sharr.

Dig Deep

Mattie playing in the dirt.


Resting after debarking a parilla log.  Debarking is still a favorite pastime.