Archive for April, 2010

How Much Trouble…

would she be in if she jumps?  Mattie contemplates the worth of getting wet.

Come With Me

Mattie wants me to explore the sea with her.

I Can Fit

Mattie once again putting herself into a small space.  She enjoys getting under my chair and trapping me there.

The Investigator

Sniff, sniff.  I wonder what she learns.


Mattie just enjoying the river and the water and the day.

Strolling the Beach

Just strolling along the edge of the water on the beach that’s never clean…

Sneaking Past

Mattie at Valle Eden checking out the trains.

Out on Her Own

I’m not following her on that slippery causeway!

Treacherous Footing

Mattie watches her step on the wet causeway.  She has slipped a couple of times, but never fallen.

I Like Wading

As evidenced by her tail, Mattie is very happy to just be out in the water.