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Mattie strolling into the house as if she owns it.  Of course, she thinks she runs the place.  Anyway, this picture shows our nice, wide “carport”.  It’d be hard to fit a car inside!

Sleeping Puppy

Mattie all curled up and asleep one evening.  She was on part of her bed.

In the Back Yard

Just sitting out in the back yard after the lawn’s been cut.

Full Plume

It’s a Sharr tail going up the stairs.

I’m Sweet

She just looked so cute sitting on her bed that she needed her picture taken.

New Bandana

Mattie got a new bandana last week.  She really liked it, but had a problem keeping it on because it’s just a little bit too small for her neck.

Under the Table

I tried several times to get this up yesterday, but the connection was too bad.  Here, Mattie is chilling under the side table next to the desk.  She really likes being close.

Road Trip? No Problem.

As evidenced by these pictures, Mattie has absolutely no problem with road trips.   She either falls asleep or begs for treats.

Sniffing the Grass

Mattie explored the roadside in Valle Eden; she enjoyed all the fresh air and new livestock smells.

Following the Tracks

We went out to the country last weekend, and Mattie got to re-experience non-city life.  She really liked getting out in the open.  There is an old railroad station in Valle Eden, the village we stayed in.  Mattie wandered down the tracks exploring.