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Just Resting

Enjoying the day by the beach.

Resting in the Sand

Sand’s hard to get out of Mattie’s fur, but she doesn’t care.  After getting out of the water, she likes to lay down in it and get it all over her.

Too Tired to Play

Mattie was really tired after a long time in the water and just wanted to rest.  This other puppy really wanted to play with her, though.  He was full of energy and running all around her.

More Mattie Happy Water

Mattie’s always happy in the water, and here she is just enjoying the river.

Cuddle Me Mattie

Just a couple of pictures of Mattie looking cuddly on her bed.

Old Friend

Mattie has taken this elderly husky under her wing.  Whenever she sees her, she stops and treats her gently.  I think it’s sweet that Mattie’s mommy instinct kicks in.


Mattie loves to wade in the water, and it’s good for her hips.  She’s really tired after a day at the beach, though, and takes a couple of days to recover.  Of course, she’s usually in the water about an hour…


Mattie loves to sniff things on her walks.  In this set of pictures, she investigates several smells.

Back Into the Water

Mattie loves the water so much, and it shows as she wades back into the water after a brief respite on the beach.


This is the look on Mattie’s face when she realizes it’s time to go for a walk.  Walking around the neighborhood is one of her favorite activities, of course.