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Pulling Into Danger

Despite the tide still receding on the sea wall, Mattie insisted on going out onto the stones.  Yes, they’re slick when they’re wet.  Very slick.  She slipped once, and I did once.  Neither of us quite fell in, but it was close.

Drying Off

Happy Wet MattieMom, Do I Have To?Submitting with GraceAll Dry NowMattie got wet at the beach and really needed to dry off before coming in.  I got the job of doing it.

Getting Dirty

One of Mattie’s favorite things to do under the juniper tree is get dirty.  Here, she rubs her snout and her body in the dirt.  The final picture is Mattie proud of the dirt on her fur.

Posing Under the Tree

This tree is one of Mattie’s favorite places in the back yard.  It’s got shade and dirt to dig.  Here she’s posing just to get her picture taken.  So we did.

Down the Sidewalk to Shop

We finally got her across the Rambla, and she dragged herself along at as slow a pace as possible.   That is, until we passed the shop where we occasionally buy her ice cream.  Then she wanted to go in and kept looking hopefully.  No, she’s never been able to go in, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.

Still Not Leaving!

Mattie pitched a fit on the sidewalk of the Rambla, refusing to leave the beach.  This went on for about a quarter hour.  Really stubborn Sharr who loves her beachies.

Not Leaving!

Sometimes Mattie refuses to leave the beach.  This is her sitting down and saying she’s NOT LEAVING.  Have you ever tried to pull a hundred and ten pound dog in a direction she doesn’t want to go?


Mattie strolls in front of the murals at the yacht club on the Rambla.  They were done a few years ago  to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the club.  Mattie just likes being close to them because she knows she’s close to beachies.

Over the Hill

These two pictures were taken as Mattie came over a rise with the sun behind her.  Doesn’t she look cute?

Sandy Paws

When you see her in pictures like this one, especially the first, you understand why people think she’s a bear.  But she’s a Sharr, my Sharr, and I love her.