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Splorin the Leaves

Checking out the leaves in the neighborhood  Lots on the streets, and plenty of places to sniff.


There’s always something to investigate at Parque Rodo.

Belly Rubs!



Mattie watches Zeus squirm.

Tangled on the Beach

Mattie regularly gets leashed in this way.  She eventually sorts herself out.

Out on Her Own

I’m not following her on that slippery causeway!


Just Mattie scrunched up in the corner by the front balcony door.  She’d fallen asleep there and looks so boneless and relaxed.

Sitting Pretty

She just looks so dainty with her paws folded that way.  Yes, I’m in love with my Sharr.


On a Stroll

On a Stroll

Sometimes Mattie just looks so happy and confident as she explores.  Here, one of those times is captured.

Bed Time

Sleepy Bye

Sleepy Bye

Mattie all tucked up for bed. Unfortunately, she doesn’t use her dog bed often. It’s slippery. She loves being covered up, though.