Queen of all she surveys, Mattie guards the car from evil cats on a warm spring day.Mattie in the Yard

On The Pouty Couch

This is what a Sharr does when she doesn’t get her way.2013-02-17_18-31-09_145


The sofa is all mine.  Mine!  And all the pillows too!2013-02-17_18-30-56_283

No Snow Here…

Except on Mattie’s back in the kitchen.  Actually, she brings in snow every day these days.

Happy New Year

Mattie wishes everyone a happy new year and a door opening to new surprises like SNOW!

Mattie On The Road

Not traveling, but just on the road by our house.  At least she doesn’t get swallowed by the yawning pits of despair.

How Big Was It?

Here’s a picture of Mattie with the hoof before it got smaller.  You can see how large it was!

Hoofing It

Mattie discovered her love of dried cow hooves.  She harassed us all the way from the car to the house until she got it.  It was gone in under an hour.

Going For The Scratchies

I’m having a problem posting regularly because someone doesn’t take many photos of Mattie.  It may have something to do with him rarely going for walks with us.  Anyway, we caught this one of Mattie enjoying chin scratchies.

Come Get Comfy

There’s room on my bed.  And you can pet me too!